Lexi Does the Zoo                                                                                                animal_017.gif


My Daddy took two weeks leave from the Air Force but he didn't really leave, he just took vacation.  We went to Mimi's house in Texas.  One day Mimi said we were going to the zoo.  I didn't know what that was but Mimi said there were lots of animals there like lions and bears and monkeys.  I was excited.

Tanna and Lea came too.  Lea is another cousin of mine.  She came with Aunt Rita.  This is me and Tanna and Lea getting ready to go in the zoo.




This is me looking at a really big camel.  My Daddy is holding me up so I can see good.  I called him to come closer but he didn't do it.


After that we saw a big seal swimming in his own swimming pool.  There were three girls with him and they were feeding him fish and making him do tricks.  That seal was smart.  He rang a bell and would go to the girls when they called him.


The most fun of all was the water fountains in the children's zoo.  We got soaking wet.




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